FREE Business Intelligence Sources for Scientists and Executives

FREE Business Intelligence Sources for Scientists and Executives

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FREE Business Intelligence Sources for Scientists and Executives – Leading research firm Gartner has published the anticipated 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

As enterprise connectivity and collaboration become more prominent themes throughout the CX space, the demand for these solutions is increasing.

FREE Business Intelligence Sources for Scientists and Executives

FREE Business Intelligence (BI) is pivotal for deriving insights from data and making informed decisions. For scientists, executives, and professionals in various fields, accessing free and credible FREE Business Intelligence sources can be invaluable. Here are some free FREE Business Intelligence sources that provide valuable data and insights:

  1. Google Scholar: A freely accessible search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. This is a great resource for scientists.
  2. Google Trends: It showcases the popularity of search queries in Google across different regions and languages. It’s a fantastic tool for understanding market trends and consumer behavior.
  3. PubMed: Offers free access to the MEDLINE database of citations, abstracts, and some full-text articles on life sciences and biomedical topics.
  4. World Bank Open Data: Free and open access to global development data. It covers a wide range of metrics and indicators, from economic data to health and education.
  5. U.S. Census Bureau: Provides a wide array of statistical data about the United States, which can be invaluable for market analysis and demographic research.
  6. The U.S. government’s open data portal which offers datasets on everything from agriculture to transportation.
  7. Gapminder: A free FREE Business Intelligence tool that visualizes complex data in an understandable manner, often related to global development.
  8. Statista: While some premium content is behind a paywall, a lot of valuable statistics and insights are available for free.
  9. Google Public Data Explorer: Allows users to explore datasets from around the world, visualize them, and communicate the findings.
  10. Quandl: Provides access to several financial and economic datasets, with both free and premium content.
  11. FAOSTAT: Offered by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, it provides time-series and cross-sectional data on agriculture, food production, trade, and more.
  12. European Union Open Data Portal: Offers access to open data published by EU institutions and bodies.
  13. Our World in Data: A free web publication that shows how living conditions worldwide are changing. It provides a data-driven overview of the world and is used by scientists and executives alike.
  14. The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC): Provides detailed visualizations and insights about countries, what they export, what they import, and the complex web of global trade.
  15. Global Innovation Index (GII): Measures and compares the innovation performance of countries. Useful for executives and decision-makers to gauge a country’s innovation capabilities.
  16. Social Media Insights: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer analytics for business profiles that provide insights into audience demographics, behaviors, and engagements.

For effective FREE Business Intelligence analysis, it’s essential to ensure the data sources used are accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. Whether you are a scientist looking to explore a hypothesis or an executive making a strategic decision, the right BI source can offer a wealth of information.

After all, not only do analytics and business intelligence solutions uncover hidden insights across the enterprise, they also help create a unified view of CX. That way, every department can sing from the same hymn sheet.

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However, there are many other aspects to the platform provided by vendors in the magic quadrant. To address these issues, here’s how Gartner defines the solution.

According to Gartner, analytics and business intelligence (ABI) platforms enable less technical CX team members to “analyze, explore, share and manage data.” The platform also enables users to discover and visualize insights while providing a foundation for cross-functional collaboration.

AI enables many of these functions in modern systems, making information relevant to users and their workflows, as well as easily accessible.

However, there are many critical capabilities to consider before investing in an ABI platform. Gartner highlights the following 12 as prime examples:

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These capabilities are the fundamental source of differentiation between the propositions of the 20 providers below. By evaluating each one closely, Gartner has divided each vendor into four categories: leaders, challengers, visionaries, and specialty players.

Demonstrated advanced knowledge of ABI’s essential capabilities, along with a commitment to client success, leaders in the magic quadrant pair a solid vision with a record that delivers value. Not only does it provide evidence of this value, but it also allows for incremental purchases and the scalability of the company to meet the specific needs of companies in multiple sectors. This year’s leaders are:

Acknowledging tremendous market reach and momentum, Gartner praised Microsoft’s Power FREE Business Intelligence offering for its integration with Office 365, Teams, and Azure Synapse. Our broad portfolio – which includes visual-based data discovery, augmented analytics, and interactive dashboards – demonstrates our comprehensive vision and ambition. In addition to this, market analysts also highlight the price and value of Microsoft solutions as a significant differentiator.

After acquiring Tableau in 2019, Salesforce strengthened its position as a leader in the ABI space. The acquisition allows Salesforce to build an ecosystem that leverages all the benefits of MuleSoft, Tableau, and Tableau CRM. In the report, FREE Business Intelligence Gartner praised Salesforce for this, as well as ease of use and economy of analytics, so that users can more easily “access, prepare, analyze and present findings in the data.”

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Offering a different and powerful vision for the modern ABI platform, the visionaries in the magic quadrant provide high functionality in specialist areas. Unfortunately, despite these thought leaders, they sometimes lack the broader capabilities to execute ABI solutions at scale and consistently. This year’s visionaries are:

Introducing a new “developer playground” in 2021, Thoughtspot offers tools for companies to create innovative data applications. This is just one example of how the company is creating a consumer-centric vision, which earned Gartner significant praise in its report. Another strength noted is its scalability and market recognition as an enhanced analytics platform. FREE Business Intelligence With that said, the research firm cautions that Thoughtspot lacks a broader data and analytics ecosystem.

After renaming ABI’s offering as Sisense Fusion, Sisense has developed a vision – which it received from Gartner. That vision depends on the vendor’s microservices-based architecture, which is fully extensible. The development of a unique “multipersona platform” is also a significant strength. However, market analysts encourage Sisense to build more sectors – along with manufacturing – which is different from leaders such as Microsoft and Tableau.

By adding Cloud Coach and Code Innovate to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), Oracle has worked hard to maximize the effectiveness of the platform to pave the way for co-innovation with clients. These tools enable a consumer-focused product vision – FREE Business Intelligence for which Oracle received special recognition in the report. The analytics capabilities added to the cloud offering also differentiate the solution. However, Gartner highlighted the momentum in the busy market as a concern.

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As a leading player in the Asia/Pacific region, the Alibaba Cloud Quick FREE Business Intelligence platform is futuristic in its approach to collaborative analytics and digital workplace orientation. Its data literacy program and integrated analytics capabilities — FREE Business Intelligence which help automate business workflows — also earned praise from Gartner. However, market analysts are determined

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